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Mountain High invests US$250 000 in snowmaking

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Mountain High in California, US, has spent a quarter of a million dollars this summer on its snowmaking system, including acquiring a number of stick guns.

The guns, manufactured by TechnoAlpin and HKD Snowmakers, will consume 100 fewer gallons of diesel fuel per hour than their predecessors, saving Mountain High US$4000 per acre-foot of snow.

Mike Childress, Snowmaking Manager, said: “Believe it or not, we can run all 35 of these new “stick” guns on the air needed to run just 2 of the old ones! This is the best snowmaking investment we’ve made in the past 10 years.”

The difference in energy consumption is due to the fact that whereas traditional snow guns use electric fans or high-pressure nozzles to project the snow horizontally across the slopes, the new snow guns tower 30 ft above the ground, allowing fresh snow to fall naturally. They are also significantly quieter, creating a much better experience for guests on the mountain while snowmaking is underway.

The new snow guns can be found near the base of Mountain High’s West Resort.

Some of the guns were awarded to the resort in the form of a high-efficiency snowmaking grant from HKD Snowmakers. Mountain High has said it will use the grant to continue reducing diesel fuel and electricity consumption associated with snowmaking.

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