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TechnoAlpin’s indoor snow gun proving successful in China

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TechnoAlpin has developed a snowmaker specifically designed for indoor production.

TechnoAlpin’s indoor snow gun proving successful in China

Conventional outdoor snow guns produce snow that is too moist for indoors. However, the S6 has been designed so that it delivers a quality of snow suitable for indoor use and overcomes constraints such as refrigeration and the internal humidity level of the building.

The S6 requires an indoor temperature of -2°C to begin production, meaning a large indoor refrigeration system is not required. It generates a cold air flow around its snow nozzles, therefore freezing the finely pulverized water droplets. In addition, the operator can control and adjust the quality of the snow produced as well as schedule the automatic production of each unit installed on the site.

China is currently TechnoAlpin’s largest market for the S6, as a result of the country’s increasing interest in indoor snowsports. Two indoor snow centres equipped with the S6 are already in operation: the Qiaobo Ice & Snow World in Shaoxing, which offers alpine skiing, and Snow Wonderland in Changsha, which has a 2800m2 snow playground, in Changsha. A further five facilities which will make use of the S6 are due to open within the foreseeable future.

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