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World’s highest snowmaker installed

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A Snowfactory SF100 unit produced by TechnoAlpin has been installed on the Titlis glacier in Switzerland, at a height of 3020 m above sea level. According to TechnoAlpin, this makes it the highest installed snowmaking machine in the world.

The unit was transported via the gondola system; before transportation, the Snowfactory was modified and placed within two 20 ft containers, instead of the usual 40 ft container. This made it possible to secure each container below the gondola.

On the other side of the world, 4 Snowfactory SF100 units are to be installed in the Trans Park Snow Town in a suburb of Jakarta, Indonesia. When open the indoor winter sports centre will comprise 4000 m2 of snow playground and ski slopes for visitors to use all-year round.

In recognition of the tropical climate, special models have been commissioned, which instead of using the air cooler fitted in the standard model rely on an external cooling tower.

TechnoAlpin has already provided Snowfactory units to three other Snow Town centres, located in Vietnam, Thailand and China.

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